No More Knives Animation


Testimonials about Christina Gabbitas story No More Knife Crime


Absolutely brilliant - really impressed!

Nigel Taylor

Fantastic - well done everyone. great storytelling


Hard hitting and really makes you think.


Well Done Christina, very powerful and useful resource

Linda Gerraghty

The pace was great, the message was clear, the animation and music was great too - I think people will learn alot from this and will enjoy doing so - peace out

Nigel Taylor

Congratulations Christina and everyone else involved ??

Russ Massie VRU Thames Valley

Thank you Christina for an excellent video

Angela Stocks

Thanks for the invite, I can confirm the accuracy of the story and that it’s as relevant here in the Thames Valley as it is in Humberside ?

Russ Massie Thames Valley VRU

Really brilliant, very well done Christina

Kim Antoniou

Really good looking forward to using it with young people


Well Done this will be well used. very well produced.

Dean Davis

Fabulous video which is very hardhitting

Simon Harrison

Excellent resource. Congratulations to you Christina and everyone involved!

Margaret Cook

Congratulations fantastic resource. Pitched at the right ages too.  Thank you

Ann Marie Christian, Safeguarding Consultant

Fantastic resource to have in our toolbox for working with vulnerable children known to the youth justice service and the County Lines track absolutely fantastic!

Kim Stephenson

Hi,  I'm from Northumbria's VRU education team and I'll be speaking to the team about this resource to support our delivery to young people!

Leonie - Violence Reduction Unit

Great piece of storytelling hammered the point home well done all

David Okwesia

a great video to show the dangers of CL gangs to young people and the vulnerable

DI Mark Catney

Incredibly useful resource, looking forward to sharing with safeguarding leads in Hull schools

Phillip Painter

Thank you for letting the young people in The Warren for the opportunity to be involved in voice over work! They really enjoyed it and it’s great to see it all come together! Well Done!

Elle- The Warren

This is a great resource for the School Nurses tool kit. Thank you!

Helen Fenwick

Congratulations Christina it is a really fantastic resource.

Lindsay Green

Thank you for the invite, really positive session listening to the passionate people involved. Well done all.

Paul Butler

Amazing feedback and really helpful

Catherine Price

Hard-hitting and necessary.


Great soundtrack Beats Bus crew!


It’s a great story guys and a fantastic resource to be used


Congrats Christina and everyone making this happen. The animation and sound is ace! I can see young audiences really paying attention 🙂

John Gilbert

I deliver safeguarding training to adults, including taxi drivers and think it will be good to use within these. It's hard hitting but really shows how easily these young people become involved. Really well done

Joanne Hills

Excellent Christina. Superb resource

Pat Kilbane

I work with the VEMT team and use the NIOC resources all the time. This is an excellent resource to add to the tool box to help safeguard and education around exploitation. thank you to everyone involved.

Danielle Robilliard


What if I'm involved in gun and knife crime?

You can call Childline on 0800 1111 at any time if you're worried about your own safety. Or if you think someone you know is carrying or even using a gun or knife.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you want to report a crime that has happened. Don't be afraid to be strong and do the right thing.