Christina worked with year eight children with her story and produced class poems about the subject of being groomed, county lines and knife crime.

Below are two of the poems that Christina worked on with different groups of year 8’s. The poems all relate to the No More Knives or County Lines story from the animation.

The Visit – Year 8 (Matthew Class) St Augustines

We all sat chatting in the park
A suspicious man appeared from the dark
He made us feel uneasy and talked about drugs
He invited us to meet his friends, we were mugs
He showed us all his riches and cash
All we had to do was move his stash
We followed his lead, using a taxi and train
To transport all the harmful cocaine
Stay away from a county line
Or you may end up doing time.

Groomed – Year 8 (John Class) St Augustines
We were in the park after school
A guy called Steve approached us and we thought he was cool
Little did we know we were being controlled
By the leader of a gang with events about to unfold
He started to groom us but we didn’t know
Or we wouldn’t have agreed to go
He offered us money and led us like sheep
To deliver drugs from street to street
Feeling frightened Jamie picks up a knife
It was the worst decision of his life.